Ferries Guide 2024: Sicily

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All the informations, web sites, timetables, tariffs and contacts for all the ferries to Sicily,
but also some suggestions for an excellent trip and for saving money and time.
(Updated January 2024)

- Save Money -

Try to avoid weekend departures (Fri-Sat-Sun) and travel at unusual times (such as early morning or late at night). Buy a return ticket. Special offers, discounts and lower tariffs are normally given on Mon/Tue/Wed/Thur, you can save up to 20% during the summer period. Do not wait until the last minute as ferries do not adopt the formula last minute and you may risk paying more because availability is minimum. Always ask if the following special tariffs are available “spot”, “jackpot”, “best price” etc. usually accessible at least 8 days prior to departure, but limited. Attention, always carefully read the terms and conditions of each company because reduced tariff tickets cannot be changed or reimbursed.

- Save Time -

Many firms and travel agents sell ferries tickets online, save time and have the ticket delivered to your door with a small contribution for courier service. Some companies send an “E-mail ticket” or “Fax ticket”, which are valid documents and are replaced with a ticket at the port of embarkation. Only trust the online operators that use protected online payments through conventional banks. Be aware of those online operators that request information regarding your credit card on the estimate booking form. Do not trust those online companies that do not state who they are, there telephone number, address and name of the company.

- Open Deck - (Only for Camper and Motorhome)
Service not available to Sicily.

GENERAL NOTE: We kindly remind you that in accordance with the International Directive SOLAS, when you book your ticket at a travel agent, you must submit the following details: Name and Surname, Sex, Age, Type and registration number of the vehicle. It would be helpful to declare any disability, although this is not obligatory. 

SNAV : (Call Center - Phone +39-010-5731805)
From Naples (Italy) to Palermo (Sicily) daily departure 19.30hrs
From Palermo (Sicily) to Napoli (Italy) daily departure 19.30hrs
From Naples (Italy) to Aeolian Islands (Stromboli, Panarea, Lipari, Vulcano, Alicudi, Filicudi, Salina)
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GNV - Grandi Navi Veloci: (Call Center - Phone +39-010-5731805)
From Genoa (Italy) to Palermo (Sicily) - Daily evening departure exept on Sunday - 20 hrs trip
From Civitavecchia (Italy) to Palermo - Every Mon-Wed-Fri - 12 hrs trip
From Palermo (Sicily) to Civitavecchia (Italy) - Every Tue/Thu/Sat - 12 hrs trip
From Palermo (Sicily) to Tunis (Tunisia)
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Grimaldi Lines: (Call Center - Phone +39-010-5731805)
From Civitavecchia (Italy) to Catania (Sicily) every Tuesday
From Civitavecchia (Italy) to Trapani (Sicily) every Thursday
From Salerno (Italy to Palermo (Sicily) dep. every monday at 19.00hrs arrival 08.00am next day
From Palermo (Sicily) to Salerno (Italy) departure on Tuesday 19.00hrs arrival 08.00am next day
From Catania (Sicily) to Valletta (Malta) every Wednesday and Sunday
From Palermo (Sicily) to Tunis (Tunisia)
From Tunis (Tunisia) to Palermo (Sicily)
From Trapani (Sicily) to Tunis (Tunisia)
From Tunis (Tunisia) to Trapani (Sicily)
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Tirrenia Ferries: (Call Center - Phone +39-010-5731805)
From Naples (Italy) to Palermo (Sicily) daily departure 19.00hrs with arrival next morning 07.00hrs.
From Palermo (Sicily) to Cagliari (Sardinia) every Saturday 19.00hrs arrival next morning 08.30 hrs.
From Cagliari (Sardinia) to Palermo (Sicily) every Friday 19.00 hrs. arrival next morning 08.30am
From Trapani (Sicily) to Cagliari (Sardinia) every Tuesday 21.00 hrs. arrival next morning 08.30am
From Cagliari (Sardinia) to Trapani (Sicily) every Sunday 19.00 hrs. arrival next morning 06.00 am
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Liberty Lines: (Call Center - Phone +39-0923-222000)
From Trapani (Sicily) to Pantelleria
From Linosa to Lampedusa>
From Trapani (Sicily) to the Egadi Islands, Levanzo, Marettimo e Favignana
From Naples (Italy) to Ustica Island

Virtu Ferries: (Call Center - Phone +39-010-5731805)
From Pozzallo (Sicily) to Valletta (Malta) - Catamaran
From Catania (Sicily) to Valletta (Malta)


Caronte Tourist: >(Call Center - Phone +39-090-364463)
From Messina (Sicily) to Villa San Giovanni (Italy)


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Assistance for Ferries on line
mon/fri from 9h00 to 18h30 hrs (Italian Time)

Via Brigata Liguria 4 - 16121 Genoa - ITALY
Telephone (+39) 010 5731800 - Fax (+39) 010 587505