TRAGHETTIONLINE - Affiliate Program

Earn cash promoting a  unique Mediterranean Ferry Reservation System!


  1. NO Subscription Fee

  2. up to 10% commission on every sale! (Average value per order is usually Euro 200 - 300)
  3. Extended commission earning period
  4. Very good and unique travel tool for your visitors

Traghettionline is pleased to announce the new affiliate program. Earn up to 10% commissions on every sale generated with the unique on line ferry booking system covering all Mediterranean Lines.

You can promote all the ferry lines or just the lines  you feel more appropriate to your viewers, (a local geographic area) but you 'll get  commission for ANY order generated by your link.

Our program is very simple:

Step 1: Complete the Affiliate Subscription Form we will automatically in few seconds send you complete instructions by email. There is no enrollment fee!  Becoming a TRAGHETTIONLINE Affiliate will not cost you an Euro and you provide  a very good tool  to your visitors!

Step 2: Place one of our attractive banners on your site. You can place  the banner in as many areas of your site as you  like. Moreover other ways to promote the program include mailing to your opt in mailing list, or newsletter, placing classified ads.....there are no limits . The more you publicise your unique link, the more you can earn. As soon as your website is linked to your TRAGHETTIONLINE Affiliate Program site, you are ready to begin earning up to 10%  commission for every order that comes from your website, we will take care of the ticket issuing, the reservation and the delivery, you will just take care of issuing your invoice for your commission !!!


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